American Toad Mini Journal

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American toads are found throughout large portions of North America. They have an immense ability to adapt to their surroundings as long as there is some source of semi-permanent water they can use in the breeding season. They also require dense patches of vegetation for cover and hunting ground.

Toads begin life as tadpoles after hatching from eggs. As tadpoles they eat primarily plant matter; as adults they are carnivores eating a wide variety of insects and invertebrates. American toads shoot out their sticky tongues to catch prey. One toad can eat up to 1,000 insects each day.

Their warty skin contains many glands that produce a poisonous milky fluid, providing these toads with excellent protection from predators. Toad skin changes color depending on temperature, humidity and stress.

American toads are mainly nocturnal, and are most active when the weather is warm and humid. They have one of the most notable calls on earth, long trill sounds that each last between 4-20 seconds.

artwork by Amelia Hansen ©2008
text by Steve Sierigk

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