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Lisa Baechtle

What I say



I am a visual storyteller. The natural world is my inspiration; watercolor is my vehicle.


Whatever project I am participating in, I approach it to express beauty and truth from my heart.


----When I meet your animal companion, I look with my heart to find his/her essence to express in the portrait I paint for your remembering.


----The first step when collaborating with a writer to illustrate a verbal message with an image, is to listen to and see with my heart.


----In my personal work, I play with collage intuitively, to find animal combinations that resonate with a heart message I want to share.


My heart is the most important tool in my process of creating.


A finished painting has to be shared in order for me to feel the cycle of creating come to completion. I invite you to open your heart to a world of possible stories and bring any of my paintings into your home or office where they will continue to inspire and delight you.


I share my heartfelt images in a few ways: a custom portrait of your animal companion; original paintings; and notecards and prints of selected images.


All original paintings are painted on 300 pound Arches 100% cotton rag paper. I use professional quality watercolor paint. 


I have shown my work in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Kentucky, Tennessee and New York, and won awards.


My formal training was completed at Rhode Island School of Design where I began an intimate visual exploration of my relationship to the natural world toward developing a personal mythology.


Home is rural New York where I immerse myself in her healing landscape, always with a four-legged companion.


I have provided links to websites of innovative artists that have inspired me to create,  grow and love!