Mini Journal Pallet Display

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Model: PD-12
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In keeping with Acorn's philosophy, this countertop display unit is made from recycled pallet wood.  These re-used woods are rustic and natural-looking and fit well into any shop.  Often made from oak , these woods are beautiful!  Units are sanded and lightly finished, and have the Acorn logo silkscreened on the front.  We are pleased to give these resources another use!

Display unit holds 27 journals (9 designs, 3 deep) and is approximately 14 inches wide, 12 inches tall and 11 inches deep.

A merchandise offset is available with this unit.  Fill a unit with 27 mini journals for $100 plus shipping, and receive 6 free journals to offset the unit cost.

*Note that our displays are offered at cost to only our wholesale customer as a convenience and courtesy to display Acorn products.