Eastern Newt Bookmark

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Salamanders are a diverse group of amphibians.  Moisture is absolutely essential to their survival.  Adult newts are often seen foraging in shallow water preying upon worms, mollusks, small crustaceans, amphibian eggs, and larvae. 

Transforming eastern newts leave the water as brightly colored forms called efts that live on the forest floor for one to three years.  They subsequently return to the water to assume adult characteristics. Aquatic adults are yellowish -brown, olive -green to dark  brown above an dyellow below.  The land dwelling eft depicted here is orange-red to reddish-brown.

These newts range from Nova Scotia to Florida and west in a swath from southwestern Ontario to Texas.  They can be found in ponds and lakes with dense submerged vegetation, quiet stretches of streams, swamps and damp woodlands.