Blue Jay Mini Journal

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Blue Jay
The blue jay is a rowdy character- dominating bird feeders, raiding the nests of songbirds, and mobbing predators like cats, hawks and owls.  But this noisy, bold, medium-sized bird also adds a flash of bright blue color to a cold winter day.  Being in the Corvid family with crows, ravens and magpies, jays are known for their intelligence and vast vocal repertoire.  Their common call is a sharp, piercing “jaay-jaay” which often attracts other jays.  Most people are also familiar with the musical bell-like “tool-tool” and the “wheedlee-wheedlee” which sounds like a squeaky gate.  Even the most skilled listener has probably been fooled and looked skyward for a calling red-tailed hawk, only to find the ornery blue jay sitting on a branch, mimicking predators to scare away competing birds.

Blue jays thrive in woodlands, parks and suburbs and are year-round residents across the central and eastern US and southern Canada.

artwork by Sandy Williams © 2010
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