Cardinals Bargain Notecard

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The Northern Cardinal was long considered to be a southern bird. But thanks in large part to the nurturing shelter of backyard bird feeders, the Cardinal has brought its cheering tropical brilliance home to the north. And how ready the joy, how immediate the excitement, at the sight of these beautiful birds! For even the female's reds burn like embers beneath ashy-brown feathers.

The scarlet brilliance of the Cardinal is a rare thing, really, in a climate where the time of heat and riotous color is a blessing running all too short; when soon enough again it is winter where the Cardinal cuts crimson slashes through a landscape grown pale and sodden under washed-out light. It is then that this bright red bird reminds us of the promise of the season's turning; that the earth will again lean closer to the sun, and the hues of the planet will renew. And that glowing in the warmth of the strengthening amber rays will be a breeding pair of Cardinals, sitting scarlet and regal; waiting and singing, calling welcome to the sun.

artwork by Susan Bull Riley @ 1998 

text by Sherrie Mickel

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