Demeter Notecard

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Out of the womb of night, Demeter, Mother goddess of all creation, gently gathers the lunar child and places it on the great wheel of life, blessing the universe with its sacred essence. With directionals intact, we are guided by the four winds on the splendid journey that leads to the wholeness and excellence with which we are imbued at conception.

Beings of light, we have all been tenderly situated on the wheel, to fulfill and expand our destiny and substantiate our existence, while nurturing and respecting the gifts the Earth Mother has freely bestowed upon us. Since each of us if born from the light, our sojourn on the planet is dedicated to our homecoming. Our vision quests, and thirst for understanding, knowledge and love, lead us through a magnificent maze that ultimately brings us home to the place where we started: our true selves.

artwork and text by Lynn Capani-Czebiniak (c) 1996

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