Hanging the Stars Mini Journal

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Within each soul burns a fire—the sparks of creativity and imagination. These internal stars connect us to one another as well as to the stars above, celestial spirits and all of life.

Caring for the internal star is very important as it brings out one’s gifts and purpose. Nurturing the sparks of creativity begins by engaging in spontaneous acts of pleasure and joy: dancing, singing, laughing, or even flying…soon the sparks will awaken to flames of inspiration.

To truly feel the fire within is to be beckoned to a magical world of creativity and wonderment. The rules of this world are to let go of all boundaries, stop thinking and start imagining. When the process of imagination begins, the possibilities are endless and self-expression is inevitable, and we can hang the stars of our stories and visions as high as we can reach.

artwork by Patti Sobel ©2010
text by Karen Wilkinson

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