Forest Gnome Mini Journal

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Common to all cultures throughout history is a belief in the existence of nature spirits. As the guardians or caretakers of the elements, they serve to create balance and healing for the natural world.

Oldest of these nature spirits are the Gnomes, who are associated with the element Earth. Some say Gnomes belong to a race coming from the beginning of times and are here to maintain the well-being of the earth and all that dwell upon it.

Gnomes are inquisitive, mischievous, wizened creatures resembling small yet powerful men and women. Dwelling deep within the forests, usually under the roots of ancient trees, they are most active at night. Gnomes speak the language of the animals and are their friends. They also have great knowledge of the plants and their medicinal uses. By showing us that all things in nature—every rock, tree, plant and animal—have a spirit and therefore hold a wisdom of their own we can learn to understand and walk in harmony with the earth and all its creatures.

artwork by Linda Matusich ©2004
text by Anne Trawick

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