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With their roots in the earth, their leaves in the sky and their entire beings veined with sap, oak trees stand in Celtic mythology as bridges between the three primary elements of earth, sea and sky. It is upon these elements Celtic heroes were said to swear their oaths. As embodiments of all three elements, oak trees also link the mundane realm of everyday life with the supernatural otherworld and the underworld of the dead. The acorn, seed of the oak, is thus mighty in its smallness and the sign of things to come. More than that, it is the encapsulated threshold between life and death, between winter and summer, and between the mundane and the extraordinary. It is a tiny liminal point in the midst of all nature. To hold an acorn is to focus into the past and to glimpse the future; it is to see into the Celtic essence of reality.

artwork by Maire Johnson ©2010

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