Meadowlark Nest Pocket Journal

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Meadowlarks lay their clutches of 3-7 speckled eggs in nests on the ground in grassy meadows, prairies and pastures, building a gently depressed hollow of grass and leaves which is covered by a sheltering roof.

A meadowlark nest is well camouflaged, protecting it from the ground predators these birds are especially vulnerable to. However, this camouflage can hide the nest rather too well where humans are concerned. Meadowlarks and humans must share land, but we can leave space for these birds to nest and raise their families if those who use the pastures and fields can time their activities around the birds’ breeding season. It is important as well to leave some natural meadows and prairies undisturbed, which will preserve many species of plants and animals, as well as give us a place to enjoy the beautiful song of the meadowlark.

artwork and text by Christi Sobel

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