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Oaks (Quercus sp.)
Oak trees are powerful and imposing in stature; even so, they are considered to be friendly to man.   Oaks are an emblem of strength and hospitality (many doors are made of oak).  In ancient times, the oak tree was widely revered and many cultures worshipped in oak forests.  It was believed that the gods resided in oaks and the trees opened a channel of communication between the gods and man.
Oak trees are symbolic of happiness, protection and luck.  It is interesting to note that King Arthur’s round table is reputed to have been made out of one huge slab of oak.  Also, Robin Hood and his merry men gathered in an oak forest!  The traditional Yule log was oak and in ancient times marriages were performed under oak trees.  Carrying acorns was believed to bring luck, protection and good health.
artwork and text by Steve Sierigk © 2003
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