Piping Plover Mini Journal

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The piping plover is a small shorebird named for its mellow, melodious whistle. Compactly built with a short bill, large eyes and rounded head, this sand-colored plover has bright orange legs and a single black breast band. They are most often seen running in short starts and stops, patrolling the beach, alert for any movement.

Once fairly common along Atlantic coast beaches, Great Lakes beaches and interior river sandbars, the piping plover is now threatened or endangered throughout its entire range where breeding habitat has been replaced with shoreline development and recreation.

Piping plovers depend on camouflage for survival. The adult is hard to spot until it moves, and the nest, a slight hollow in the sand lined with pebbles and bits of broken shell, is even more difficult to see. Their eggs’ buff color and speckled pattern match the sand exactly.

artwork by John Sill ©2009
text by Kara Jean Hagedorn

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