Red Fox Mini Journal

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Red Fox

With keen eyesight, sharp hearing and a powerful sense of smell, the red fox is graced with a quiet and sometimes cat-like stalk.  Red foxes are nocturnal, using the cover of dusk, dark or dawn as well as their camouflaged fur to remain hidden.  

The red fox is amazingly adaptable.  They love edges- between cities and suburbs, beaches and dunes, and fields and woodlands.  Their dens are in burrows, often ones abandoned by other animals.  Despite a reputation for raiding chicken coops, many farmers see the red fox as beneficial; one of their favorite foods is mice! 

People in many cultures have looked to the red fox for wisdom and inspiration.  To have fox energy means to be aware, to know when to be out in the open and when to remain hidden and silent.  You are most likely to see a fox “slipping betwixt and between” the edges of nature.

artwork by Sandy Williams © 2010

text by Beth Bannister

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