Red-tailed Hawk Pocket Journal

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The Red-tailed Hawk is one of the most far-ranging and recognizable birds in all of the US and Canada. They belong to a group called buteos, or soaring hawks, who have broad rounded wings and fan-shaped tails to take full advantage of rising warm air currents. Look for them circling overhead on clear, still days, and watch for them perched conspicuously on telephone poles along country roads and city highways, looking for rodents, insects, and rabbits. Listen also for their loud, frequently heard call, a long wheezy, down slurred "kleeeeeer."

Many cultures respect hawks for their grace and their ability to deal with changes in the world around them. They teach us to be observant and clear-sighted. They challenge us to take in a broader view. Red-tailed Hawks are abundant and easy to observe. When you see one, pay attention to what qualities they inspire. They openly share their beauty.

artwork by Camille Doucet

text by Kara Jean Hagedorn

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