Three Graces Pocket Journal

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Three Graces

In Greek mythology, Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia were the Three Graces, the embodiments of joy, beauty and charm.  They presided over joyous gatherings of gods and mortals, from banquets to dances, singing and dancing to the divine melodies of Apollo’s lyre, and bringing happiness to all in attendance.

Here they are, imagined with a southwestern flair, and a little bit of attitude.  Inspired by the mysterious Kokopelli, the wandering minstrel of the ancient Anasazi, the Graces stand hand-in-hand, with their wild hair and intricate costumes.  They look to each other, perhaps conspiring over how they will spread joy and cheer and bring beauty into the hearts of all those around them.  And maybe their timeless dance, in turn, inspires the magical music of Kokopelli’s flute.

artwork and text by Meghan Kennedy

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