White-Breasted Nuthatches Mini Journal

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White-breasted Nuthatches

This short, stocky bird, largest of North American nuthatches, is a permanent resident throughout the eastern and western U.S.  The white-breasted nuthatch spends most of its life in large deciduous forests, moving over the bark of tree trunks and main branches in a series of short, jerky hops.

Nuthatches always seem to be upside down.  From this position they may find food in bark crevices overlooked by “up-the-trunk” foragers.  After descending a tree head-first, the nuthatch flies to the top of another tree and starts down.

Pairs of white-breasted nuthatches remain together in a feeding territory throughout the year.  They nest high in large trees, often in natural cavities or woodpecker holes. They also may nest in bird boxes.  These nuthatches have a whistled song, a series of 6-8 low notes each with a slightly rising inflection.  They also have an unmistakable “yank-yank” nasal call note.

artwork and text by Steve Sierigk © 1986

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